Hide Yourself Away
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  • Category: paperback
  • Author: Mary Jane Clark
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Format: paperback

Title: Hide Yourself Away
By: Mary Jane Clark

Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
Copyright: 2005
Printing: N/A
Condition: G
Cover Price: 6.99
Pages: 339 pages
Genre: Fiction
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Plot: Nobody in this perfect seaside resort town ever imagined that the body of a missing heiress might be found deep in a tunnel beneath her family's crumbling Newport estate. Nobody, that is, but the last person to see her alive. Now, as a KEY News crew investigates the murder, a cold-blooded killer lives in fear of discovery. Too many reporters are closer than they realize to the truth behind a chilling secret...For thirty-two-year-old KEY News intern Grace Callahan, the Newport assignment is the chance of a lifetime. The single mom is determined to win a coveted staff position, but that means outshining equally ambitious-and far younger-rivals. When the killer begins to target those closest to Grace, she must face the real danger that lurks in an otherwise idyllic town.In a race against time, Grace must find the courage to delve into Newport's secrets, protect her daughter, and stop a ruthless killer who's determined to win this deadly game of hide and seek...

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