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Format: paperback

Title: Horizons
By: Catherine Hart

Publisher: Zebra
Copyright: 1997
Printing: N/A
Condition: VG
Cover Price: 5.99
Pages: 384 pages
Genre: Love Stories
LoC Classification: CPBBoxno.404 .vol. 19
Links: http://lccn.loc.gov/97813778
Plot: In a moment of terror, Kelly Kennedy's plane goes down on a remote Pacific island. Now, in order to stay alive, the survivors have to fight nature and each other. Among the group are an orphaned baby, a husband accused of killing his wife and an architectural engineer named Zach Goldstein. To Kelly, both men are dangerous. Now, in a place where the only laws are those they make themselves and only the bravest and strongest survive, Kelly and Zach will search for a love that can endure.

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